Comparision of Party Platforms

The following chart represents a comparison the three major parties platforms. It focuses on Health Policy issues which could have an impact on people living with dementia in Ontario and their families. The Green Party of Ontario is not included because they do not have significant Health Policy in their platform.

Progressive Conservative PartyChangebook Liberal Party New Democratic PartyAn Affordable Plan for Change
Long-term Care Support seniors and free up hospital beds by expanding long term care with 5,000 new long term care beds. Eliminate the wait list for Long-term care for those with complex medical needs.
Home Care Increase investments in home care and give families more control over services. They will be able to choose to stay with the provider they have now, or pick a new government funded home care provider who better meets their individual needs. Create a Healthy Home renovation tax credit worth up to $1500 annually. Will provide frail seniors with access to a Personal Support Worker to provide the care they need at home. Funding an additional 1 million hours of home care, over 4 years, and eliminating the wait list for home care.
Primary Care Encourage health care providers like doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to work collaboratively, particularly in underserviced areas to meet patients’ needs. Redesign Ontario’s primary care and homecare system to provide every senior with access to doctor’s, nurses, and other health professionals who will provide better services, such as house calls and check-in by telephone and online. Address the shortage of doctors by forgiving student debt of new doctors who practice in under-serviced communities. This will bring in 200 new doctors, over four years, to communities in need of more health care.
Emergency Care Wait times will be reduced through our proposal for a system of health outcome measures and by relieving pressures on hospitals through investment in long term care. Cut emergency room wait times by half by working closely with hospitals to address the underlying causes of backlogs and long wait times. This requires smarter investments.
Caregiver Support Create a new Family Caregiver Leave, giving working Ontarians up to eight weeks of job-protected time away from work to help a family member who can’t care for themselves because of serious injury or illness.
Health Care System Increase annual investments in health care by more than $6 billion by the end of first term. Crack down on consulting and consultant expenses and give the Ombudsman oversight of hospital and helath spending to ensure patients are being respected.
National Health Accord Make health care costs, especially prescription drug costs, a priority in upcoming negotiations around a new National Health Accord